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Sept.13, 2008 - Celestial Arabians chartered a bus of employees
from The Boeing Company and their guests to Gallun Farms in
Santa Ynez, CA for horse presentations.  

Participants were given a "crash course" on the business and
pleasure of Arabian Horses.  Participants were provided lunch at
the Royal Scandinavian Inn and a reception at the
Gallun Farm.

(We would like to thank Nancy Gallun for her personal touches
on the homemade desserts she provided!!!!!)
(Updated 3/4/16)
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Additional pictures from Sept. 13th Tour to Gallun Farms: Click Here
Feb. 2009 - Scottsdale Show
Viva Las Vegas!!!!
Pictured left to right: Daneisha Brazzle, Scott Bailey, Sean Givens, and David Cains.
Scott Bailey and David Cains of
Stonewall Arabians are also the great minds behind
the annual
Arabian Horse Breeders World Cup Show in Las Vegas, NV.
Standing room only at the Wendell arena at the 2009 Scottsdale Show!!!
All eyes are on The King of Kings, Magnum Psyche!!!
Sean standing with world renowned videographer Deanna McNeilly
of Windborne Video Productions (middle) and beloved artist and
photographer Judith Wagner (right).
Sean standing with Duke Mendel of Gemini Ranch ,
previous owner of the infamous stallion
Odyssey SC!!!!!
Click on the link below to view the video
clip of our interview with David Cains at
the Scottsdale 2009 Show.

May 30, 2009 - Celestial Arabians chartered two
56 passenger buses of employees from Boeing, AT&T, and the Dept. of
Transportation along with their guests, to the open house of
Bob & Dixie North of
North Arabians in Ramona, CA and had private horse
presentations at the Mekeel Ranch in Temecula, CA.

Participants were given a "crash course" on the
Arabian Horse business and lifestyle.  

We would like to thank Linda Mekeel and
Bob & Dixie North for their hospitality.
Sean standing with Bob and Dixie North
North Arabians.
Sean standing with Raegen and Lucky
Lurken, owners of Magnum Chall, at North
Arabians' Open House in Ramona, CA.
Additional pictures from May 30th Tour to North Arabians: Click Here
Sean standing with Frank Spoenle of
Frank Spoenle Training Center in Geldern, Germany
Sept. 5, 2009 - Daneisha and Sean of Celestial Arabians flew to
Dusseldorf, Germany to attend the Open House of Frank Spoenle's new
training facility in Geldern, Germany.

We had the luxury of dining with over 350 breeders representing
countries such as: Italy, England, Belgium, France, Egypt, and Poland.
We were up close and personal with top breeding stallions: WH Justice,
Ajman Moniscione, El Amin, Al Lahab, Psytadel, and Eternity Ibn

We would like to thank Frank Spoenle, Sabine Widmaier, and staff for
their hospitality.
Sept. 2008 - Open House at Gallun Farm
May 2009 - Open House at North Arabians
Pictures of the main house and barn
Some of our new friends in the Party Tent and at the Futurity Horse Show
Weanling Filly class at
the Futurity Horse Show
Click on the links below to view the Stallions
presented during Frank's Summer Party
(Please allow a few seconds for videos to load)

Ajman Moniscione
Al Lahab
Eternity Ibn Navarrone-D
WH Justice

All stallions
Sept. 2009 - Open House at Frank Spoenle's
Sean standing with Raymond Mazzai (left) of Furioso Farms and
Manny Vierra (right) of Valley Oak Arabians.
Dec. 2009 - Farm Tours
Sean pictured with Sandro Pinha (left) and Gil Valdez (right), World
Renown Trainers of Arabians International in Cave Creek, AZ
Sean pictured with Shawn Crews of Arabians Limited and
trainer, Fernando Poli
Pictured from left to right, Carol Steppe of Day Dream Arabians, and
World Renown Photograpers Javan and Darryl Larson, and Sean.
Success in Las Vegas!!!!

Saadiya CA awarded 2010 Arabian Breeders World
Cup Champion Yearling Filly w/ Frank Sponle
World Cup Video
(Will take a few seconds to load)
April 16, 2010 - Arabian Breeders World Cup
Sean pictured with Jay Constanti and Bob Boggs at the
2010 Arabian Breeders' World Cup in Las Vegas.
Sean pictured with Hank DeShazer of
DeShazer Arabians at the 2010 Arabian
Breeders' World Cup in Las Vegas.
Celestial Arabians would like to thank all of the
trainers who took the time out of their busy
schedules to view the Mares and Fillies in our
breeding program.

We look forward to your visit next year.
Gary and Holly
McDonald of
McDonald Arabians
Riyan and Ricardo Rivera of
Equine Image Center
Greg Knowles of
Arabian Expressions
Steve Heathcott of
Heathcott Arabians
October 2010 - Visit to Travis Training Center
2010 Open House
Sean pictured with Stephanie and Travis Hansen of Travis Training Center.
Daneisha and Sean took a visit to Utah to see The Hansens' newly imported
stallion *LA Karat (WH Justice x LA Kalahari).
March 2011 - Dubai Trip

Visit to Ajman Stud, Dubai Stud, & attend the 2011 Dubai Arabian Horse Show
Thanks to Frank Sponle for the
tour of
Ajman Stud!!!
At the show, Sean pictured with
Christine Jamar of
Jadem Arabians
At the show, Sean pictured with
Nasir Abdullatif Al-Fozan
At the show, Sean pictured with
Joel Desmarteau of
Markelle Arabians and
Jeffrey Johnson,  Boeing President of
Middle East Offices
At Dubai Stud, Paolo Capecci and
Royal Colours
Staff at Dubai Stud
Sean pictured with Director of Dubai Stud
Mr. Mohammad Al Tawidi
Sean pictured with Royal Colours and
Paolo Capecci at Dubai Stud
April 2011 - Arabian Breeders World Cup

Success in Las Vegas!!!!

Kaleela CA awarded:
2011 Arabian Breeders World Cup Top 5 Yearling Filly w/ Gary McDonald

Forever Amore awarded:
2011 Arabian Breeders World Cup Yearling Filly Supreme Silver Champion w/Andy Sellman
2011 Arabians Breeders World Cup Yearling Filly Class Champion w/ Ricardo Rivera
June 2011 - Trainer Visit

Special Thanks to Arabians International for
coming to see our new foal crop.
Sean pictured with Sandro Pinha (left) and
Gil Valdez (right) of Arabians International.
Sean pictured with Kareem Linjawi of Linjawi
Arabians of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Sean pictured with Larry Jerome of Jerland Arabians.
Dec 2011
Arabian Horse Farm Tours
Special thanks to for hosting the
5th Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Farm Tours!
Daneisha and Sean pictured at Terry Holmes'
Open House in Scottsdale.
April 2012
Lady Luck pays off in Vegas!!!!!

Special thanks to Arabians International for training and showing
Saadiya CA to 2012 Arabian Breeders World Cup Class Champion
- 3 year old Mares - Section A
2012 World Cup Video
(Takes a moment to load)
Sean pictured with H.H. Prince Mohammed Bin Faisal Alsaud of Saudi Arabia.
Congratulations to the new owners located in Saudi Arabia!
We look forward to their future endeavors!
Rah eed CA
(Armando El Aryes x Ivana BFA)
2012 Grey Colt
Zenaah Marais CA
(ZT Marwteyn x
LL Heaven Knows)
2013 Bay Filly
Ivana BFA
(Eminant x
Kharat Gold Too)
2005 Chestnut Mare
Scottsdale 2015
Enjoying the show in Scottsdale, AZ
Sean pictured with
Erin Naas of
Dolce Cavallo Arabians
2016 Scottsdale Show - February
Special thanks to
Ricardo Rivero of
Rivero International
Thanksgiving in Scottsdale, AZ - 2015
Special thanks to Sandro
Pinha and Gil Valdez of
Arabians International
Congratulations to Duke
and Renee Mendel on
their colt Rajj Z winning at
the Scottsdale