About Us
Sean Givens
Equine Acquisition Director
Sean Givens developed a love for Arabians at a very young age.  He grew up on a ranch in the Sacramento
area where he learned to ride horses by the time he was three years old. As a teenager, Sean would spend
the weekends driving to farms with his father looking for horses that were “diamonds in the rough” to
purchase.  He would help his father get the horses into top physical condition. His father would then show
the horses to prove that they could compete on a Regional level. This would raise the value of the horses
and enable them to be sold for a profit.

By the time Sean was 18 years old, he started working as a loan officer for a local mortgage company. He
went on to become a successful loan officer and then sales manager for some of the largest lenders in the
industry such as Countrywide and DiTech Funding. After obtaining his real estate brokers license in
California and Florida, Sean opened up his own mortgage company, USA Lending Partners Corp.

Despite the success Sean experienced in the Real Estate industry, his first love remained, the Arabian horse.
He loves to watch the way they carry themselves with their own distinct personalities. He also enjoys gazing
into their large, expressive eyes and watching the newborn foals run free and prance around like they own
the world. Most importantly, gaining the trust of that special horse to create a bond and love that words can
not describe.

Sean enjoys the lifelong friendships he’s acquired from others in the Arabian horse industry, but he also
enjoys the business side of the Arabian industry as well. For the past several years Sean has been sharing
his knowledge to newcomers on the social and financial benefits of owning these magnificent creatures.  In
Sean’s words, “Life is a long journey that is best traveled with the Arabian horse.”
Daneisha Brazzle
Equine Acquisition Manager
Daneisha is a native of Southern California and has always enjoyed horses. Her dreams of being up close and
personal with these magnificent creatures was made a reality about 8 years ago.  Sean played an essential role
in exposing Daneisha to the Arabian Horse Industry with a trip to Scottsdale, AZ to attend the annual
Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. The very next day, Daneisha spent six hours straight on a computer looking
at Arabian Horse websites.  During this activity she discovered various classes Arabians participate in, the
ideal conformation of an Arabian, Arabian Horse history , and the various “bloodlines” of Arabians from
Spanish to Straight Egyptians.  Throughout her six hour adventure, she solicited the expertise of Sean to
confirm her assumptions.  Sean was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Daneisha learned to spot “a good

The Scottsdale Show for a newbie proved to be an overwhelming experience for Daneisha:  the cold mornings,
hot afternoons, and freezing evenings in the Wendell arena, the parade of halter horses entering the ring, class
after class after class, as well as trying to figure out how a trainer gets a horse to unnaturally stick their neck
and one back leg out!  Nevertheless, this did not deter Daneisha’s excitement of being in the presence of such
magnificent creatures.  With Sean by her side,  Daneisha learned quickly the hows and whys of a halter class,
breeding halter horses, trends in the US versus overseas, and as with many industries, the politics faced by
horse owners, trainers, and breeders.  

Now a victim of Arabianitis, Daneisha accompanied Sean to the Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas.  
The display of beautiful international Arabian horses was so vast, and it was at that moment Daneisha decided
that she too would enter into the Arabian Horse Industry.  She drafted out her budget on a hotel envelope, to
figure out just how much she could afford and still be an active participate in the industry.  When she returned
home from the show, Daneisha spent countless hours searching for the perfect horse for her.  She knew it
would be a chestnut, female, and not older than 2 years old.  After several weeks, Daneisha found a diamond in
the rough in the state of Tennessee. This Arabian horse was Chestnut, female, and 7/8 Egyptian (Ansata
bloodlines on the sire side and Hadidi on the dam side). Can this be the horse that will one day become her
foundation mare and produce an Arabian Breeders World Cup Vegas Champion one day? Trusting her gut
feeling, Daneisha bought her Egyptian treasure.

In 2008, her Egyptian-related filly became a mare and it was time for breeding season.  Daneisha always loved
Magnum Psyche, but knew it was better to breed for rarity. It was at this time, Daneisha began to look at the
sons of Magnum Psyche and selected Justify to breed to.  He had not been bred to an Ansata-bred mare before
and of course, who can resist that flaxen mane of his? A successful breeding to Justify led to fulfilling
Daneisha's wildest dreams of breeding a filly, Saadiya CA, that did in fact win her class at the Arabian Breeders
World Cup in 2010 and again in 2012!  Saadiya is Arabic for good luck or good fortune and has provided just
that to Celestial Arabians.

In her spare time, Daneisha is working on completing her doctorate at the University of New England. She is
also a full time Corporate employee of Boeing.
Daneisha and Sean enjoy spreading the word about the pleasures of the
Arabian horse ownership any chance they can get. On weekends, you can
find them, instructing former bus trip attendees who are now clients, on the
do’s and don’ts of horse care, breeding, and showing.  Daneisha and Sean
have expanded their network of Arabian Horse Enthusiasts by traveling to
Europe, the Middle East, and in the near future, to South America.
Their goal is to enrich the lives of everyone they know through the heart of
the Arabian Horse.
Several years ago, Daneisha spent a lot of time in the air, traveling for her employer, Boeing. It was returning
home from a routine trip to St. Louis, that changed the lives of Daneisha and Sean forever.  Daneisha and
Sean had spent countless hours, discussing concerns with the Arabian Horse Industry.  Some of those
issues consisted of: the industry not being newbie friendly, not enough resources to retain horse owners,
horses being bought and sold to the same existing horse owners, and the lack of education on the horse
during shows/presentations.  Daneisha took advantage of a chance encounter with a Boeing Vice President ,
on her flight home on a plane from St. Louis, MO to Los Angeles, CA.  Daneisha initiated the conversation by
asking the VP what he liked to do in his spare time.  The VP replied that he enjoyed sports car with lots of
horse power.  Daneisha replied to the VP that she also enjoys horse power, but the power the Arabian horse
has on her heart.  Needless to say, the VP was very interested in hearing how a fellow Boeing employee
spent her life away from work.  The 3 hour plus flight home gave Daneisha the opportunity to fill the VP in on
all the pros of the Arabian Horse Industry.  When Daneisha arrived home, she told Sean all about her flight on
the plane with the Boeing VP.  It was at that moment she expressed interest in inviting Boeing employees to
Arabian Horse Ranches in Southern California as a means to bring new people into the industry.

Daneisha and Sean spent the next several months putting a plan together of how they would bring new
people into the Arabian Horse Industry.  Daneisha and Sean vowed that this trip and future trips were solely
was for the benefit of the attendees and the Arabian Horse Industry. They decided on chartering a luxury 56-
passenger bus with monitors, that they would show horse videos on.  They also purchased items from the
Arabian Horse Association that they would use to teach newbies about color, conformation, and Arabian
type on the bus.  They also developed handouts that discussed all the social and financial benefits of
entering into the industry.  The decision was made to have their first bus trip at the Gallun Farms in Santa
Ynez, CA with lunch being served at a restaurant in Solvang, CA.  Greg Gallun graciously allowed Daneisha
and Sean to bring a bus load of Boeing employees to his private ranch.  He presented over 15 horses that
day and shared their unique stories.  On the ride back home, the chatter on the bus consisted of excitement
surrounding the recent experience of this new lifestyle. The attendees, including the Boeing VP Daneisha
spoke with several months earlier on the plane, expressed overwhelming gratitude for creating the
opportunity to experience the Arabian Horse.  Several days after the bus trip, Daneisha and Sean were
contacted by several attendees regarding how they were interested in making the Arabian horse part of their

Without hesitation, Daneisha and Sean began planning their next bus trip and chartered two 56-passenger
buses and selected the North Arabian Ranch in Ramona, CA as the next destination.  This time, there would
be a side trip to the ranch were the horses of Celestial Arabians resided.  Daneisha’s mare had finally
delivered her Justify filly, Saadiya CA, just three weeks prior to the bus trip.  This would give the attendees
the opportunity to see Arabians at various stages of life.  As with the first trip, Daneisha and Sean provided
an education using video, pictures, and handouts, on the ride to the ranch. The conclusion of the bus trip to
the Norths’ brought forth more newbies that were interested in becoming Arabian Horse owners themselves.
How'd you get the idea to do bus trips to Arabian Horse Ranches?